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The Happy Mind Online Coaching Program

Wake up, step up and own it A no-nonsense approach to anxiety and depression

The vehicle to waking up, stepping up and embracing this fabulous opportunity called LIFE.  

By Kimberly Johnson

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Anxiety and depression are SOS signals from within, alerts to re-evaluate your lifestyle and environment. They are telling you it’s time to take ownership of yourself and your life and make a new decision to wake up, step up and own it.

I have witnessed many times over through my personal experience and my work as a coach that the symptoms of anxiety and depression are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, past experiences, beliefs, values, the way we view the world and our thinking. 

I believe an unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of the chemical imbalance in the brain that leads to depression, and can be easily rectified with a change in diet, eliminating alcohol and drugs, incorporating daily movement and quieting the mind through meditation.  

A personal development journey is also required to find out who you really are and what makes you tick. On this journey you get to unpack all the crap you have picked up from your life experiences that no longer serve you.  

You get to eliminate limiting and sabotaging beliefs, change the way you view the world and the way you think, and find out who you are and what you truly value to create a new story and lead an amazing life. When you know what your truth is and have the courage to stand in it, there is no fear or darkness in your world. 

It is time to wake up, step and own it  

Find out who you are, where you want to go and how to get there

Get back in the driver’s seat of your life today with the Happy Mind Online Coaching Program

The Happy Mind Online Coaching Program is based on a holistic approach to food, movement and personal development to free you from the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Long term mental and physical wellbeing is made up of many components that come together to create a dynamic formula. 

The Happy Mind Online Coaching Program is a no nonsense approach to getting you out of the problem and back into life. We look at where you are now, where you want to go and what needs to change to get you there, to live the life you deserve. 

Change and growth come from stepping up and owning the part you play in this life you have created. Until you take ownership, you will stay stuck in your vortex of misery. 

The choice is yours. 

In the Happy Mind Online Coaching Program you will learn how to... 

  • Take 100% responsibility for your life 
  • Eliminate symptoms of anxiety and depression 
  • Shift your focus from the problem to the solution 
  • Raise serotonin levels through food and movement 
  • Balance brain chemistry by eliminating stimulants 
  • Let go of your story and create a new story 
  • Reboot and rewire the unconscious mind  
  • Put you first to create space to grow  
  • Become a minimalist and live a simple life 
  • Break free from limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviour 
  • Identify strategies that are not working for you 
  • Find your purpose and never work another day in your life 
  • Improve your self esteem 
  • Understand your six human needs and how to fulfil them 
  • Understand your values and beliefs and how they define you 
  • Create a compelling future through SMART goal setting 

There is nothing wrong with you

In the Happy Mind Online Coaching Program you will discover that there is nothing wrong with you; that you are not sick and that you have full control of mental and physical state at any time. This guided step by step process via audio, workbook and meditation is designed to change who you are at your core and live the life you deserve.

Your consciousness is made up of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind and when you learn how to use your mind effectively you will change your life forever. The conscious mind is the mind that we think with and the unconscious mind is the mind that drives all our behaviour. 

Between the ages of birth to seven, which is our ‘imprint period’, we are little sponges who soak up and imprint everything that is going on in our environment at an unconscious level. We unconsciously take on beliefs, values and emotional patterns of those closest to us. In this early stage of our lives we are operating from a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ format. 

Between the ages of 8 and 13 comes the ‘modelling period’, where we begin consciously and unconsciously modelling the basic behaviours of those we admire or aspire to be like, such as family and friends, school teachers, sports stars, actors and sports coaches, to name a few. 

Between the ages of 14 and 21, we move into the ‘socialisation period’, where social interactions with other human beings become a greater focus. Here we want to be just like our friends and peers, which can be scary for parents when their children get in with the ‘wrong crowd’. And by 21 we pretty much have a blueprint or internal program that defines who we are and drives all our behaviour at an unconscious level.

Scary stuff, hey?  

But never fear, The Happy Mind Online Coaching Program is here.

  • All of this can change on a journey of personal development in the Happy Mind Online Coaching Program, where you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick. You will understand that people are not their behaviour and that all behaviour is driven by what we believe at an unconscious level. 
  • Through personal development, you will find out who you are at your core and how to live congruently with YOUR beliefs and values, releasing internal conflict. You will learn what your human needs are and how to fulfil those needs in a positive way to lead a happy and fulfilling life. You will gain a deep understanding of your model of the world to improve all relationships and communication and explore your passion to live purposefully and never work another day in your life. 

I can guarantee you will have many ‘aha’ moments on your personal development journey.

  • You will become a warrior who observes your world—watching it and seeing it for what it is rather than being sucked into the vortex of doom and gloom.

On your personal development journey in the Happy Mind Online Coaching Program you will wake up, step up and own it!

  • When you make a new decision to wake up, step up and own it you will understand that the state you are currently in is a result of your past experiences, values, beliefs, thoughts and the way you view the world. That anxiety and depression are states and not illnesses. That change and growth come from stepping up and owning the part you play in this life you have created. That you are now awake and ready to take action.

  • In this state you will...  
  • Have more energy and vitality 
  • Feel supported, safe, secure and confident 
  • Feel empowered and think empowering thoughts 
  • Experience focus, clarity and productivity 
  • Feel alive and free 
  • Feel more balanced in life 
  • Feel in the flow, life feels easier 
  • Feel enthusiastic about life 
  • Feel excited about the future 
  • Feel healthy and happy
  • There are many ways to change your state; however the key is to honour yourself, which means to take care of and look after yourself and to continually grow mentally, physically and spiritually. The Happy Mind Online Coaching Program has been designed to help you do exactly that, by giving you the practical tools and information that when applied will propel you into a resourceful and powerful state.

Happiness is a skill to be learned

  • Happy, healthy and successful people will have a healthy eating plan, a fitness routine, be on a personal development journey and be on purpose. Happiness is a skill that can be learned, if you are ready to wake up, step up, own it and do the work.

And the work is

Module One – How to Balance Serotonin Levels Naturally Module Two – Understanding Your Six Human Needs Module Three – Change your Story; Change your Life Module Four – Understanding the Scale of Consciousness Module Five – Understanding your Model of the World Module Six – How to Break Free From Your Limiting Beliefs Module Seven – How to Elicit and Fulfil Your Top 10 Values Module Eight – Emotional Patterns; Where Do You Live? Module Nine – How to Create Space to Grow Module Ten – How to Stay in the Now Module Eleven – Get Rid of all the Crap in Your Life Module Twelve – Finding Your True Purpose in Life Module Thirteen – Creating a Compelling Future Module Fourteen – The Power of Practising Gratitude

About Tracey

I am a mindset and wellness coach, author and qualified yoga teacher who has been in the wellness industry since 1997. 

I am adept in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Strategic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology. I combine these therapies with the Happy Mind Formula to change brain chemistry, physiology, focus, language and meaning, shifting people from a state of anxiety and depression to a life of purpose and passion. 

Your happiness is your responsibility  

The Happy Mind Online Coaching Program has been created in a downloadable audio and workbook format so that...

  • It is affordable to everyone 
  • You can repeat this program as many times as you like 
  • You can repeat the sections that resonate with you as you feel the need. 
  • You can study the program in your own time 
  • You can study the program at your own pace.  

In the process of each program section we will look at 

  • Where you are right now 
  • What is holding you back  
  • What you can do to move forward  
  • The action required to take these steps 
  • Explore any challenges stopping you taking action 
  • Find solutions to these challenges.  


You will experience meditation and in this process 

  • Let go of what is holding you back 
  • See yourself in the new way of being 
  • Feel yourself in the new way of being 
  • Design and create the life you desire 
  • Rewire your unconscious mind  

During the program you will gain a greater awareness of  

  • Who you are and what makes you tick 
  • What your truth is and how to stand in it 
  • How your mind functions 
  • The power you have to change states in an instant  
  • How to create an amazing life  

In this program you will receive

  • 14 personal development modules in audio and workbook format 
  • A copy of The Happy Mind Movement; Wake up, step up and own it eBook 
  • A copy of The Happy Mind Movement Recipe eBook 
  • Two meditations to rewire the unconscious mind 
  • Support via open email contact with Tracey  
  • Happy Mind Food and Mood Series - 3 x one hour interviews with Doctors and Naturopaths on the link between Food and Mood
  • 1 video – Happy Mind Breathing Technique to Reduce Anxiety
  • 1 Video – Happy Mind Change Your Physiology Routine
  • Weekly newsletters and blogs 
  • Membership to our private Facebook group

Congratulations on joining the Happy Mind Online Coaching Program

I am looking forward to working with you very soon. It is time to wake up, step up and own it Tracey Carmichael

What clients have said...

"Tracey understood me so well. She is the queen of calm and clarity. Since completing The Happy Mind Coaching Program I feel like a NEW me. Empowered, excited, free of fear and once again my business is thriving. INVALUABLE!!!" Bridget, Sunshine Coast, Australia

"I had no idea I could feel this great. If I had not completed the Happy Mind Coaching Program I would have spent the next 20 years feeling depressed like I did for the past 20 years. All young women need to know about this program." Teighan, Sunshine Coast, Australia

"I had been out of work, hiding and in the Mental Health System for 3 years before I did the Happy Mind Coaching Program. I am now back working and I am strong, confident, healthy and living my life. This work is amazing!!!" Karen, Melbourne, Australia 

"I have grown so much throughout the Happy Mind Online Coaching Program. My thinking has opened up and I feel more inspired to absorb new ways of being. I can best describe coaching as a process of raising your consciousness and awareness on all levels – emotional, physical and spiritual. It was invaluable to be regularly guided into a space where I was supported and encouraged to tap into my feelings. Combined with the power of visualisations, I saw a more beautiful version of myself than I could possibly have imagined. Coaching helped me manifest results using the Law of Attraction. I now have greater clarity of the big picture and am taking action steps to make it happen. A most encouraging outcome was that Tracey helped me work through my limiting beliefs, talking me through one small mental block at a time. But heed this advice: If you take the first step of allowing Tracey Carmichael to support you in your journey to a happier mind, be prepared for change. I feel so enriched by the process of life coaching that I want to become one!" Suzie, Brisbane, Australia

"After unsuccessfully completing my second stint in rehab for substance abuse I knew I needed to take a different approach to my addiction. I came across the Happy Mind Coaching Program and entered it immediately. The program has not only helped me to understand but also come to terms with the underlying issues causing my addiction, namely depression and anxiety. For the first time someone was able to help me break down what was actually going on in my life causing this path of destruction. I managed to kick my addiction which not only changed my life but the life of those closest to me. I didn’t comprehend how much I was hurting my family and friends and how much my addiction impacted those around me. I now enjoy much closer relationships with family, friends and colleagues. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to make a big difference in their lives." Brett, Sunshine Coast, Australia

"I recently completed an exceptional experience with Tracey when she coached me through planning and preparing to achieve my lifelong goal of climbing Mt Kililmanjaro, Tanzania. I am a busy person, trying to do too much which left me in a muddle. Tracey helped me identify my needs and gave me action plans which gave me clarity and focus. I had a lot of health problems that could potentially have stopped me from achieving this goal. Tracey believed in me and broke through all my limiting beliefs and created a fitness and diet program for me in preparation for the trek. Tracey wrote and recorded a visualisation for me to stay focused in between our coaching sessions. I used this visualisation many times on the climb when I felt like giving up. The Happy Mind Coaching Program gave me the tools and courage to achieve this lifelong dream." Ann, Townsville, Australia

"I feel amazing after completing the Happy Mind Coaching Program and implementing the daily rituals of exercise, healthy diet, meditation and eliminating alcohol and caffeine. The meditations, your book and the CD series also helped immensely. My doctor has only ever offered me medication and more medication which made me tired, lethargic and unmotivated. I was going nowhere. After two years in this cycle I began to act and think like a victim because I kept getting told I was sick. Thanks to you I now know that I have full control of my mental and physical state at any time. Thank you so much" Elizabeth, Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you for being part of the solution in this rough and tumble world of ours. I love your matter of fact and no nonsense approach to depression." Edna, Brisbane, Australia

"Tracey coached me on some particular areas of life and during our sessions she showed compassion and understanding. Tracey has excellent coaching abilities which were obvious to me during our sessions. Her ability to pose important, yet pertinent, probing questions to get to the heart of an issue is quite profound. This is especially so when combined with her life skills, patience, understanding and knowledge of her subject. For anyone seeking guidance and coaching in mental and physical wellbeing there’s no doubt, Tracey will support and encourage you throughout the process. I know that. Thank you Tracey." Ray Gold Coast Australia

Why wait? It is time to get back in the driver’s seat of your life!

Only $19.99 per week 

Upfront payment available