Does your relationship status define your happiness?

I was surfing last week and a young couple, who had obviously just been married were having photos taken on the rocky out crop.

A friend, surfing in the water next me said “tomorrow that poor guy is going to find out all the things he has been doing wrong for the past few years” which made me laugh.

Whilst it was funny, I also saw the truth in it.

In our western world, it appears we have been very conditioned to believe that we need to be in a relationship to be happy. We very much operate from the Barbie Disney model, where Barbie meets Ken and they live happily ever after.

As a coach I see it over and over again. Clients who are desperately unhappy and have this misconception that finding a partner will fill the void in their lives and make them happy. Most of them don’t even know what they want in a partner, they just want someone.

Relying on someone else to make you happy in life is a disaster waiting to happen. The expectation you have on the other person is unrealistic. No-one will ever look at, or view the world in the same way you do, simply because of the way we are wired at an unconscious level, our conditioning, our past experiences, our values and our beliefs.

If you are relying on your partner for your happiness, you will feel very insecure in the relationship as each time your partner does not do what you want or expect them to do you will feel disappointed, angry, frustrated and resentful. 

The truth is no-one is ever going to make you happy long term if you are not happy in yourself.

The key to long term happiness is to work on YOU!!!

For you to love who you are, live congruently with your beliefs and values, know why you are here and take action to create an amazing life.

It is from this space you can attract a great relationship, opportunities and situations into your life.

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