Is “R U OK” the best question to be asking today?

Today as you are aware is “R U OK?” Day.

The questions I feel would be a better fit are “Are you looking after yourself?” or “Are you doing the work?”

It has been my experience that good mental and physical health comes from doing the work and looking after your self. It has nothing to do with good or bad luck.

Sure! stuff happens, but it’s the decision you make about what happens that determines your future and your fate.

So what does looking after yourself and doing the work mean?

It means taking responsibility for where you are at in your life, owning the part you are playing in your unhappiness and doing something about it. It means taking action and making a commitment to moving forward from where you are.

A great place to start is with one of the basic foundational principles I teach; the Happy Mind Movement Five Daily Rituals.

Implementing the five daily rituals is the key to shifting out of an anxious and/or depressed state.

Daily ritual number is to clean up your diet by eliminating wheat, gluten and sugar. These foods make up simple carbohydrates which directly affect blood sugar levels, serotonin levels and mood. Replacing these foods with lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds will eliminate the highs and lows in mood by stabilising blood sugar levels and in turn serotonin levels.

Daily ritual number two is exercise. It is so important to move your ass for at least 30 minutes each day. Exercise has been shown to have the same effect as anti-depressants in raising serotonin levels.

Daily Ritual number three is meditation or breath work to quieten and reboot the mind.

Daily ritual number four is to eliminate stimulants such as alcohol, drugs and caffeine to balance the brain chemistry.

Daily ritual number five is personal development to stimulate the mind and rewire it with positive information allowing you to grow and expand into the best version of you.

Your mental and physical health deteriorates because you make bad decisions; not because of bad luck.

If you want to feel great each and every day then it is simply a case of making better decisions and decisions that work for you lead to a healthy and happy life.

If you make a decision to eat too many simple carbohydrates, not exercise, drink too much alcohol and coffee, take drugs and not take time out to quieten and nourish the mind then YOU have created your vortex of misery.

Keep your mental and physical health a priority at all times.

Making this decision will ensure that you are more productive, a nicer person to be around and feel great everyday giving you the opportunity to embrace and enjoy every moment.

I have just been away for five days to visit family and friends. Even though I am out of my routine I always make my mental and physical health a priority because I want to feel amazing each and every day. I eat healthy, do a work out each day and have a break from the socialising if I feel I need to reboot and energise my mind.

I used to feel like I was being a bit of a pain in the ass leading my healthy lifestyle when I am staying with family and friends. Tolerating little jabs about my healthy eating habits, not drinking much alcohol and doing a work out each day.

And now I don’t give a “rats” because I sit back and look at everyone else and realise just how healthy I am mentally and physically and how much better my life is because of my lifestyle choices. I trust them completely, know that they work and have complete faith in the Happy Mind Movement and the five daily rituals.

I love my life, and you can too by simply making a new decision in any given moment that works for you and asking new questions such as “Am I looking after myself ?” or “Am I doing the work?”








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