Australia’s Largest Health Problem Goes Unabated

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With Xanax addiction reaching epic proportions; the numbing of Australians goes unabated   Said to be more addictive than cocaine, Xanax is the anti-anxiety drug in the medicine cabinet of millions of Australian homes. Many feel it is being over prescribed here by doctors unaware of the drug’s dark side.

Last year a staggering one million prescriptions for the drug Xanax alone were issued to treat anxiety and some symptoms of depression in Australia.

As the founder and director of Happy Mind Formula, Tracey Carmichael cringes at the thought of so many Aussies resorting to medication as the first and only option upon being diagnosed with an emotional disorder. “There are so many elements that can contribute to our mental health such as learned behaviour, traumatic experiences, food intolerances, alcohol or drug abuse, overconsumption of energy drinks or simply low self-worth. Perhaps GPs and mental health professionals do not have the time to go through all these areas with the patient but I don’t think it’s right that many people are unaware of the other factors that can contribute to emotional disorders,” says Tracey.

• By 2020, depression is predicted to be one of the world’s largest health problems

• Mental illness affects one in four females and one in six males

• It is predicted that 30% of young people will have had an episode of mental illness by the age of 25 years.

Tracey Carmichael thought that there was something missing in the Mental Health System. With over 15 years experience as a natural therapist, Tracey decided to share her  experience of conquering mental illness in a book titled Happy Mind Formula and to offer support through her life coaching business to those who wanted to live a happier life. The unique and well-respected book details different techniques and strategies for how to manage anxiety disorders, depression, mood swings and low self-esteem that so many people experience.

Tracey’s passion is teaching people to take responsibility and action to achieve optimal mental health. The Happy Mind Formula helps readers to understand just how much power they have to help themselves. Tracey shares the blueprint for the way she lives her life and creates an action plan for reader to follow.

This enlightening read is a great resource for anyone suffering anxiety, depression, mood swings and low self esteem. It helps people to source the necesary support, understand why this support is important, and discover how to break the cycle of drepression and anxiety. For more information contact Tracey Carmichael 07 5444 1044


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