Who Presses Your Buttons?

If we believe that someone has the power to upset us or we have the power to upset others then we must believe in…..

Cause and Effect which is the belief that others have the power to cause us to feel unhappy and the belief that we have the power to cause unhappiness in others.

How does this one sit with you? Do you believe this to be true and correct?

I think most of us would, however I would like to share a different way for you to look at cause and effect.

In order for someone to makes us feel unhappy or for us to cause pain and unhappiness in others we must have access to their emotional buttons.


We must be able to press or stimulate these buttons to get a reaction?

Cause – pressing the button/ saying or doing something

Effect – emotional reaction to the words or actions

So where are your buttons? Do we have buttons on the outside of our bodies that read

 “Press here for Anger”

“Press here for Sadness”

“Press here for Happiness”

Of course not! We all have full control of our emotions and how we react to situations.

The key to changing this pattern is to have “awareness” of these emotions and make a conscious choice to react differently.

If you have someone in your life who is constantly causing you pain and unhappiness, try looking at the situation from this new perspective.

 You now know that only you can press your emotional buttons

Make a conscious choice to react differently to the same behaviour and watch your relationships change.





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6 Responses to Who Presses Your Buttons?

  1. Great point Tracey!!!

    We can only be effected by someone’s actions when we trigger to it. Taking our power back from our emotional re-activity rather than the other person is the key. This doesn’t mean to not take action in some circumstances, such as establishing firm boundaries if someone hurts us, but it does mean that we are control rather than another person!!!

    Great stuff

    • tracey says:

      Hi Vanessa, thank you for bringing up setting boundaries. This is very effective and a great way to reduce unnaceptable behaviour from others. Setting boundaries gives us the power and the freedom to be who we really are and not be stifled by the beliefs, values and behaviours of others.

      Health and Happiness Tracey

  2. Gavin says:

    Totally Agree Tracey, as I feel the people that push my buttons provide me my greatest lessons in life.

    I feel these people are in my life to provide me opportunities to become aware of my own limitations, and are reflecting the unhealed areas I need to explore.

    • tracey says:

      Hi Gavin absolutely!!! And isn’t so powerful when we have this awareness. It opens up whole new world for personal growth.

      Health and Happiness Tracey

  3. Amanda Foy says:

    Great blog Tracey. Once you take responsibility for your own fear response, you can usually work it back to what actually bothers you within you, and not with the other person. 🙂

    • tracey says:

      Hi Amanda, so true and so powerful to learn and understand these concepts. It really does make life so much more peacefuland productive.

      Health and Happiness Tracey

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